Welcome to my Blog

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to my first (definitely not the last!) blog post!

I am so excited to share all my tips, tricks, advice and experiences with all of you through this channel.

Future blog posts will be based on various things including beauty, fashion, wedding planning, healthy eating and everything in between!

Having worked in the makeup industry for well over 4 years now, I have loved every minute of it, the ups, the downs and all the round-a-rounds. I love all things makeup and beauty that in 2015 I decided to pack in my day job and with the help of my family and husband, here I am. A full time makeup artist doing what I love.


 Initially, I went down the traditional route of college then onto university (as every good indian girl should do, as that is what is considered “normal”!). After graduating and  job hoping for a few years, I never felt my creativity was challenged enough and had an urge to do something more, something fun, something exciting and most of all; something colourful. Eventually I woke up one morning in May 2015, handed in my notice and voila, here I am writing my first ever blog and a full time MUA!

I will be dropping new blog posts regularly, and if there is anything you want me to talk about, then leave a message in the comments below and I will try to write about your chosen topic

Have a Blushingly Beautiful Day

Nirali xoxo

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