Top 5 Tips For Great Skin

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So I was recently at a family event where I had a few people asking me about skin care and what they should do to look after their skin a bit more, so here are my top tips for keeping your skin healthy.


It is really important to understand that having a good skin care regime will not only benefit you in the long run by slowing down the ageing process (who wants wrinkles!!) but also provides a very good base for your makeup to sit on. This will allow you to use less foundation (say NO TO CAKE FACE!!) but also give a more flawless and fresh faced look when you do wear makeup.


  • Moisturize

It is one of the holy grails of good skin care is to make sure you moisturize your skin regularly and use the correct type of moisturizers for your skin. There are so many types of face creams out there on the market that sometimes it can be quite difficult to decide which is the best type of face cream for your skin. If you need some advice or help you can visit Dermalogica where they will carry out a skin analysis and recommend the correct products for your skin type.

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One of the biggest misconceptions about moisturizing is that it makes your skin oily and people who have oily skin do not moisturize as they feel it makes it worse, however if you have the right type of cream this will actually help the oiliness of your skin and reduce it with a good skin care regime.


  • Do not go to sleep with makeup on

This is something you have probably heard over and over again but I cannot stress how important it is to let your skin breathe at night. When we sleep our bodies are hard at work in renewing skin cells and repairing the damage on your skin. Primers and foundation create a thick layer on your skin and fill up your pores, sleeping with this on can cause adverse effects and dramatically speed up the ageing process. I know a lot of girls who sleep with mascara on which can be one of the worst things to sleep in, the mascara can trap bacteria at the follicles which can increase your chances of catching an eye infection and also make your lashes very weak and brittle causing them to fall out and break.


  • Use clean makeup brushes

This again is something that you may have heard so often but using clean makeup brushes will prevent you catching any skin infections and breakouts. The brushes harbor bacteria and reusing dirty brushes will only increase your chances of breakouts and also can contaminate your makeup so you may end up having to chuck out your favourite eye shadow palette. I will be writing a detailed blog about cleaning your brushes next week so don’t forget to check it out and get into a good habit of regularly cleaning your brushes and beauty blenders.




  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day

You can spend £100’s of pounds on expensive products, creams, exfoliants, facials etc but if your not hydrated and healthy on the inside there is only so much you can do on the outside. Having enough water in your body makes all the difference in your appearance and helps flush out bad toxins which can cause ageing of the skin. Dehydration makes the skin look lifeless and dry. If you are not keen on drinking plain water you can always make some detox water with lemon, cucumber, oranges and fresh mint.



  • Eat healthy

Ditch McDonalds and eat all the right things, not only will you see the benefits on your skin but also in your general health. Avoid junk food, fast food and microwave meals, try and experiment with different ingredients in the kitchen and make fresh and tasty dishes. Avocado’s are rich in the good fatty acids our bodies need and also Vitamin E and C which helps promote the production of collagen which keeps our skin soft and elasticated. Avocados can be easily added to your diet. Chop some up in a salad, mix it with onions, garlic, salt, pepper and fresh tomatoes to make guacamole dip, spread it on toast or even just eat it on its own as a snack.


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