Honest Review of Zoeva Rose Gold Vol. 1 Complete Brush Set


Honest Review of Zoeva Rose Gold Vol. 1 Complete Brush Set


Zoeva is a company based in Germany which makes luxurious makeup tools to not only make you look pretty, but the product itself looks pretty. This is where the makeup brushes come into play. A lot of thought has gone into the design and look of the brushes and they were quick to catch onto the aesthetically pleasing, instagram fuelled obsession with Rose Gold. In fairness Rose Gold is actually copper in laymans terms, but Rose Gold is used to denote luxury, and I think many people will agree, these brushes look super lush and luxurious.


More so recently I have become obsessed with anything and everything Rose Gold, so when I needed to update my brushes I was looking for something that not only does the job well but also something that looks pretty. I came across Zoeva a few years ago, but never purchased anything, so this is my first purchase from the company.

The Zoeva Volume 1 Complete Brush set comes with a total of 15 brushes, 7 for the face and 8 for the eyes.









Face Brushes:

103 Defined Buffer

106 Powder Brush

109 Luxe Face Paint brush

112 Face Curve

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek

142 Concealer Buffer

129 Luxe Fan


Eye Brushes:

226 Smudger

227 Luxe Soft Definer

228 Luxe Crease

230 Luxe Pencil

234 Luxe Smokey Shader

310 Spot Liner

317 Wing Liner

322 Brow Line


Packaging 8/10


The brushes all come individually wrapped in a super cute dark brown leather clutch with all the Zoeva branding, from the zipper to a plaque on the front. The clutch also has a smaller zipped compartment inside. In all honesty I wouldn’t personally use it as a clutch bag on a night out, but it did come into use on my recent travels. It was large enough to fit the brushes and some essential beauty items for my short trip (all the non liquid items as I have to pack the liquid items separately due to airport security)

I gave the packaging an 8/10 because I think there are some slight improvements that can be made, the clutch is a good size but it is still not big enough to fit your brushes and makeup so you would still need a separate makeup bag as its too big for the brushes but too small for everyday items



Quality and Looks 9/10

As I mentioned earlier the brushes look super pretty and are a great accessory on your vanity table. Each brush has a sturdy handle finished to a high standard with the Zoeve stamp embossed on each brush with the number and use of the brush, the ferrule looks luxurious in a rose gold finish and bristles of the brush are super soft.


Do they work 9/10

Yes, Yes & Yes again! These brushes are amazing, pick up a good amount of pigment and transfer it onto the skin with ease.

I have a few favourites in the set which are the first brushes I pick up and have made my life so much more easier. I am in love with the 109 Luxe Face Paint brush which is a really good brush for contouring. If you struggle with your contour this brush is a god send and will chisel out those cheekbones in no time! This is also an amazing dupe for the NARS ITA brush. (Now its not exactly the same but it is the best thing after it) plus the NARS ITA retails for £43, whereas the Zoeva 109 Luxe Face Paint retails at £13 individually or if brought in the set each brush works out to £7.33 for each brush (£110 for full set of 15 brushes with the clutch bag).


Value for money 9/10

Like I mentioned before the entire set costs £110 (https://goo.gl/aWS6na) . Which works out to £7.33 per brush on average. I honestly think it is definitely worth it as working with these brushes is a dream. They have a high street price tag with a more high end result, they work just as well as some expensive brushes from MAC, bobbie brown & Illamasqua.


Verdict 35/40

This review says it all. It’s about time you put these brushes on your Wish list, Birthday list, Christmas list, any list going! This brush set is an absolute dream, it’s the perfect starter kit but also a much needed addition even if you already have a set of brushes. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more stuff from this amazing brand. They are super user friendly whether your new to the world of applying makeup, an enthusiast or an ultimate makeup guru. These brushes work for everyone and anyone. Happy Face Painting!


Have a Blushingly Beautiful Day


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